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rubbercritters's Journal

the other rubber toys community
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This is a community for people who are interested in (NON-SEX) rubber toys, for example rubber skeletons, crocodiles, figurines, masks, spiders etc, whether they were designed for pets, play or display. If you make them, own any, want to post pics, info or memories about your collection etc then this is the LJ place for it. Though the focus is on non-sex toys made of rubber, appropriate toys made of rubber-like materials are also included as well as (work-safe) posts on issues related to the topic are ok, as well as artwork made of rubber (or rubber-like materials). The rest of the rules are simple:

- long posts & really big (or multiple) pictures need to go under a cut. This is the code for doing an lj cut if you dont know how:
<*lj-cut text="the words that go in the cut's link"*> the picture or text behind the cut <*/lj-cut*>
- remove the "*" part & it should work.

- All ages 13 & up are welcome to join so please try to keep it reasonably work-safe (there should be plenty of other related communities in LJ for the more "adult" stuff anyway ^^)

- Play nice

- Try to keep on-topic

- Dont spam

Simple enough, eh?

Any suggestions, questions or problems, pm ghost_eye