Dave's Slave (davesslave) wrote in rubbercritters,
Dave's Slave

Of Bugs and Things

When I was a child, somebody gave my younger brother a bug-making kit. This was complete with plastic goo, which hardened into an actual insect after it was poured into a mold and baked. I had a particular fondness for many-legged bugs. The next time a brave my way to my parents' house, I am going to search for that kit. However, does anybody know where I could find more plastic goo?
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I was able to find what looks like the bug making kit here
Thanks for the info! I'm not sure if the goo will work in old equipment. But I'd certainly be willing to try.
I once made that stuff in organic chemistry but damn if I remember how. It had something to do with borax and sodium hydroxide a.k.a. lye.
What was it like when it hardened? And how sturdy was the finished product?
It didn't harden. It was like Silly Putty, only a bit tougher.
I know exactly what you're talking about! It was Creepy Crawlers, I had one of those sets myself.

This looks like the refill stuff. Wow, you brought back some awesome childhood memories!

Upon looking I see that this entry is pretty old. I hope I helped you out.